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The Hourglass

By Mark Harrington

John Oldaker was only six years old when his Grandmother moved into the family home. A mean spirited and broken women, she makes the family’s life a living hell.

Young John retreats into his shell, until one fateful Christmas where he vows to get her back for everything she has put them all through.

But how? Perhaps the answers lie in his Grandmothers strange routine; returning to her room over and over again, where she religiously turns a mysterious hourglass once every fifty five minutes.

By watching her, he comes to believe that she turns the glass to prolong her life for just one hour more, never letting the sands come to rest.

Superstition? Coincidence? Or is there something more terrifying at play?

What is certain, is that John won’t discover the true story of the hourglass until adulthood, when it inexplicably makes its way back into his life.

Comments (2)

23. Apr. 2023

Loved At the Coming of Darkness, looking forward to this and future works


22. Apr. 2023

Great read ,really enjoyed it

would love to have more short stories like this !

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