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July 1st, 1916. The Somme. The bloodiest day in the history of the British Army. Touched by fear, the men of the Newfoundland Regiment prepare to go over the top. All except one man, who seemingly relishes the slaughter to come.

100 years later and Father Iain Fitzgerald, fresh from the seminary, arrives at his new parish. He meets an ageing Robert McArthur, a man seeking absolution before his impending death. Compelled to remain at his residence, Fitzgerald slowly uncovers the dark and terrible past that has blighted the residents of Thoby Hall for decades.

Fitzgerald, his very faith tested, must unravel the mystery that surrounds McArthur’s home, and find the answers as to why the building is inexplicably lit at all times, of what links McArthur to a dark deal done on the Battlefields of the Somme, and finally to confront an ancient evil that lurks at the heart of the house.

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A Collection of Horror Stories, including

The Caretaker
The Returned
The Hourglass
And More.

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